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            Food, lifestyle and travel photographer; I rose up among a passionate family of artists who lived in Italy, a destination that inspired our lifestyle combining its flavors and arts with authentic Egyptian culture.

Exploring the arts of everyday developed throughout my path to become a passion.


            After graduating from school of architecture in 2001, I pulled my very basic gear and started an endless journey of exploring people, their lives, what they eat and where they travel. Wasn’t actually seeing photography as a career, as much as just participating in some documentaries and short articles, or doing some exhibitions. My first exhibition about Siwa oasis, a paradise in the North of Egypt western desert, was the spark that led to my professional path and determined the inevitable switch of vocation, from Architecture to Photography.


            Food and culinary life has always been my undiscovered passion since childhood, which encouraged me to practice food photography and explore all the various facets of the gastronomic world. I have participated in various numbers of international conferences and workshops in New York, Boston and Los Angeles besides being around a massive network of culinary professionals around the world.


           Food is only a part of our lifestyle, and as a photographer, one cannot extract the culinary world from the daily life, which became my most honest subject; it enables me today to capture the day to day details and celebrate life by framing its simple fragments. Culinary photography enlarged my perspective, and allowed me today to embrace all life related subjects by enlarging my vision to include hospitality, designs, and the people who make it happen.


          Together with a team of professional assistants, designers, art directors, stylists, and culinary experts, we are proud today to leave a visual signature that enriched the understanding of Lifestyle in Egypt and the Middle East.



“Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

Julia Child




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